March 7, 2012

Save or Splurge: Sunglasses

Now that I'm free of prescription glasses, I'm all about rocking any and all types of sunglasses.  After LASIK, my doctor stressed the importance of always wearing sunglasses--not just because they make you look infinitely cooler--but they are "sunscreen for your eyes"

These sunglasses are terrible, though... When it gets sunny, they simply make everything appear foggy... So not exactly the best pair on the market.  Recently, I have been trying out some higher end shades, and I love the incredible quality and clarity of Maui Jim lenses (+ their general customer service policies).

For someone who is both klutzy and refuses to baby her possessions in the least (read: my iPhone doesn't live in a case.  I know, I know, I'm living on the edge), expensive sunglasses seem like a risk.  Envision this scenario: You've just been running errands and didn't want to use the public restroom, so you rush into the house and drop all of your stuff on the floor.  One misstep later and your $300 shades are done for.

This has happened to me.  Luckily, I seem to be buying my sunglasses at various gas stations and purchasing them primarily on the basis of their ability to fit over my prescription lenses.  Function trumps Style.

My stuff needs to be functional, durable, and stylish.  It's hard enough to find that combination without bringing price into the equation; I'm trying to carefully consider what is worth spending hard earned dollars on versus settling for the cheaper, but still serviceable version (i.e. Go for the name brand aspirin or generic version? They're technically the same, right?).  Just see my review on these Melissa Button Boots to see the critical consideration I gave a single pair of boots or a cheapie F21 Dress.

All that being said, an extra 20 bucks spent on a pair that doesn't make every sunny day into a hazy fog is probably worth it, right?

What are your thoughts on saving or splurging on designer sunglasses?

Sunnies: Gas station
Necklace: Gift
Cardigan: Jackie Cardigan, JCerw | shop
Shirt: Selvedge Chambray Shirt, JCrew | shop
Pants: 1969 Ponte 5-Pocket Legging Jeans, Gap | shop
Boots: Melissa Button Boots in Cognac, Frye | shop
Bag: H&M - very similar one in stores now

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  1. I love designer sunglasses but they are soo expensive - it's so much easier just to buy a cheaper pair sometimes..