April 29, 2013

Weekend: Date Night

"G" Man
Oh Monday -- are you here again? I hope you all had a great weekend. G & I spent the time walking around in this beautiful weather. Weekends are the best. And, it's awesome when you don't have a schedule -- all you need is great company and great food. 

How was your weekend?

Top: Express | shop or similar without the pockets here
Skirt:  Express | similar
Shoes:  Ankle booties, J. Simpson | similar
Tights:  Polka dots | similar
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs | shop
Necklace:  Forever 21 | similar

April 25, 2013

JET is 2, Part 2!

Our most adorable nephew, JET, just turned 2! Happy Birthday JET!  We <3 you!

JET's big day was the perfect time for us JaneSquared sisters to wear our bright pants. I love seeing these electric colors out this spring! 

Weekend is so close! Are you going to bust out your bright colors? 

Blouse: Polka ruffle, JCrew | shop
Cadigan: JCrew | shop
Pants: Toothpick Jeans in Poppy, JCrew | shop
Flats:  Cece Suede, JCrew | shop

April 24, 2013


Fashion Fundamental: A chic little blazer; I never used to be a big blazer gal, but I am definitely one now.  They just add so much polish and style to your look.

Last weekend, I rocked this look to my nephew's second birthday.  I can't believe he's already TWO!  In some ways, time has absolutely flown by and he's grown so quickly -- suddenly he's a walking, talking machine...  on the other hand, it's like JET's always been a part of my life; hard to even remember how life was before he (and his sister) was born!

 I hope you're all doing well this week!

Brooch: Vintage | similar
Blazer: Nordstrom | similar
Top: Express | shop or similar without the pockets here
Jeans: Gap | shop
Shoes: JCrew | similar

April 23, 2013

Bird pants

"G" the Photographer
I hope you all had a great weekend. It's back to the grind for another long week! :) I recently found these adorable pants from Loft. I got them on super sale, and think they are fun addition to the wardrobe. 

So, I've been obsessed with the show Scandal on ABC. Have you seen it?! It's legit... And the main character wears some very chic white suits. Check it out!

Have a great week!

Pants:   Marisa Skinny, Loft | similar
Tank:  Talbots | similar
Cardigan:  Ralph Lauren | similar
Shoes:  Mossimo Versie Pump, Target | similar
Necklace:  Forever 21 | similar

April 9, 2013

Sunnie Days

Fashion Fundamental: A great pair of shades -- I love sunglasses--partly because my eyes are a little more sensitive to light post-LASIK, but mostly because they can help change up your look; you can go from  glam girl; to classic cool pretty easily.

Sunnies: Ray-Ban | shop
Blouse: H&M (old)
Top: JCrew
Jeans: JCrew | shop
Shoes: JCrew | shop

April 8, 2013

Vibrant Light Layers & IA Fashion Week?

Oh man - it's Monday, and I need some inspiration for the week ahead. This cheery wall is sort of helping... Or even better -- start your Monday out with a laugh. Check out a hilarious article from The Onion on a story about Iowa Fashion Week.

With a long awaited start to Spring, I'm quick to bust out the lighter layers, and bright colors. One of my favorite pairings is stripes with a vibrant solid. This look is always classy and fun.

Have a great week!

Shirt:  Old Navy | similar
Necklace: Etsy | shop
Pants:  Toothpick, JCrew | shop
Flats:  Sidewalk skimmer - slate, Madewell | shop
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs | shop

April 4, 2013

For the Love of Cardigans

Bright lights, big city....I love a night out on the town. How about some live music, and a few midweek drinks? The weekend is just around the corner, and nothing else puts me in a better mood than a pretty cardigan and a polka dot print.

Fashion Fundamental:  the Cardigan

The cardigan is the essential piece that works in every season. And, I find myself buying new colors all the time. From work to the weekend, it's a functional and classic piece for men and women. The best part? They are incredible versatile. The cardigan is a great base and have the ability to transform with the addition of a scarf or piece of jewelry. I love that you can easily tuck this piece into a purse for ease and portability. Honestly, I just adore cardigans.

More Fashion!
I also stumbled up this fantastic article:  NPR's 'A Lovely Feeling': Celebrating Older Women With Fabulous Style. Check it out. It's a great piece that proves Fashionistas are truly timeless!

Thanks for reading!

Silk Top:  Ruffles, JCrew | similiar
Cardigan:  Ralph Lauren | similar
Jeans:  Bullhead skinny, PacSun | shop   
Shoes:  Mossimo Versie Pump, Target | similar
Clutch:  Foldover, Steve Madden | similar

April 3, 2013

Express Portofino Shirt Review

Fashion Fundamental: A white button-down -- Aili has extolled the virtues and versatility of a great white button down, but I have to reiterate, you can't go wrong with the classics.

Aesthetic: I really enjoy this semi-sheer top; it's pretty easy to rock on the weekends, but can still be appropriately styled for workdays.  The shirttail, button cuff, and roll-tab sleeves all contribute to the easy and effortless look of the top.  Bonus: it comes in about a million colors.  Okay, okay... a million is an exaggeration, but I struggled to sift through all of the options on settle on just a few to try on.
Fit: I like how the cut is blousey  but still flattering.  It's easy to tuck into skirts and jeans alike.  It's a smidgen low cut for my tastes, but nothing too crazy.
Quality & Construction: I've stopped into Express several times to price check this top, so I've seen it at multiple stores in multiple locations, and I am a little bit wary of the quality since it's a polyester crepe and have seen small tears, runs, or holes hanging on the racks at a few different Expresses; make sure you do a little quality control if you're looking to pick this up.  Machine washable.
Price$49.90, but I picked it up for $24.50.  Express was recently running a 40% off everything promotion, and thanks to Elle of Fast Food Fast Fashion, I was able to stack a 15% coupon on top.  Express constantly runs sales; to keep up with the coupons, consider downloading the Key Ring App for free coupons (and easy loyalty card management) or subscribe to Express's e-mail list for coupons.  A good sale takes this top down to F21 and Target prices, so I'm pretty pleased.

Necklace: So Good | similar
Top: Express | shop
Jeans: JCrew | shop
Shoes: JCrew | shop
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | shop