August 29, 2013

Flower Power

Snaps! It's date night :) #favorites. G and I took a stroll through town, went to a nice dinner and made an essential stop for ice cream! I'm wearing an old favorite -- a sweetheart neckline dress. This shape is one of my most favorite, and think it is flattering on almost everyone.

Now what to wear for Labor Day... and JaneSquared will be reunited! More post to come next week!

Have a wonderful holiday!

Dress: Flower | similar
Shoes:  Hondo Platform Pumps, GUESS | shop
Necklace: Little Hearts | similiar
Watch: Runway Twist, Michael Kors | shop
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs | shop

August 28, 2013

Ann Taylor Banded Tie-Front Dress Review

Hello & happy Wednesday! Today's post is a review of the Banded Tie-Front Dress from Ann Taylor.  I picked up this little number during the last round of sales.

Fit: Fits as a shift dress. Unfortunately, I accidentally ordered a dress that was a size or two larger than what I needed.  Luckily, a belt can do wonders to give your body (and the dress) some figure-enhancing definition. As for sizing, I'd suggest getting your normal AT size or sizing down if you're between sizes.  I am wearing the petite version, and if you're shorter, I definitely recommend going with petite sizing.
Style: I love the graphic, simple, clean lines of this dress.  The color block thing works, but the side of the dress is a touch too sporty (harkens back to those high school tennis dress days).  Overall, I think the dress is very pretty, polished, and professional looking.
Quality: 100% polyester & dry clean only.  Unlined, but the material is thick and feels very substantial, so no lining is really necessary.   Not very wrinkle-prone, which I appreciate since I do spend the majority of my work day sitting.
Price:  Currently on sale for $128 $99.99, but I was able to stack codes and purchase for $36, which is a pretty great deal.
Bottom Line: I really like the vibe and style of this dress, and if my sizing was still available, I most likely would have kept this dress.  Unfortunately, most sizes are sold out online, though you may be able to find it in stores with Style Number: 308505.

Sunnies: Prada | shop - on sale for $245 $196!
Earrings: Kate Spade All Wrapped Up Glass Pearl Earrings | shop
Dress: Ann Taylor | shop
Bag: Coach Saffiano Large City Tote | shop
Belt: Target | similar
Shoes: Talbot's | similar

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August 27, 2013

Antique Fair

Let's make a deal... at the Antique Fair! Hot weather means treasure hunting and looking for those unique pieces. I love finding costume jewelry, old frames or cool pieces where you least expect it. Or I tend to gravitate towards the milk glass or old polaroid cameras... both becoming an overflowing collection. What are you finding this summer?

So, I'm sporting a little green on green combo -- color blocking. I love this shirt from JCrew. It's lightweight and nice for summer. Love this color and ability to pop the collar.

Shirt: Camp Shirt, JCrew | shop
Shorts:  Pacific Turquois Pleated, JCrew | shop
Shoes: Sperry Topsiders | shop
Watch: Runway Twist, Michael Kors | shop
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs | shop
Sunnies: Prada | shop
Earrings:  Diamond Studs | shop

August 26, 2013

Missouri State Fair: Gap Striped Cami Jersey Dress

A few weekends ago, I was at the Missouri State Fair, enjoying the absolutely beautiful weather and noshing on fair food.  My favorites definitely included the deep-fried Oreos, lemon shake ups, & funnel cakes.

My friends and I also caught the rodeo, and it was my first time attending one. It was crazy!  I can't believe people willingly hop on a bucking bull to see if they can last the full 8 seconds; there were even some competitors under 14 years old. Have you ever been to the rodeo?

P.S. This Striped Cami Jersey Dress is unbelievably soft and comfy.  It comes in regular, tall, & petite sizing.

Sunnies: Prada | shop
Jacket: Gap | shop
Dress: Gap Striped Cami Jersey Dress | shop
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | shop
Sandals: Target | similar
Nails: OPI Cajun Shrimp | shop

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August 22, 2013

1966 Blue Ford

G just bought this vintage - 1966 Ford truck and took me out for a spin. This thing is big, loud and a ton of fun! Though I don't usually wear boots or cowboy hats... I'm thinking I might need to find some attire to better fit climbing in and out of the truck. 

Maybe more plaid? Well, more to come on "truck style."

For now, I'm wearing this vibrant maxi from Nordstrom. I'm totally into maxis this season, and I like that this orange piece is only half a skirt, but it's uniform the entire way around. I've seen many mullet maxis and I'm not a big fan, however, I like this style.

Are you rocking the maxi?

Dress: Nordstrom | shop
Watch: Runway Twist, Michael Kors | shop
Necklace: shop
Earrings:  Diamond Studs | shop

August 21, 2013

Cultural Enrichment Festival

Last weekend, I attended a fun event in KC--the Ethnic Enrichment Festival. There were lots of cultural performances, traditional dress, and my favorite part, so much delicious food. Top eats definitely include the skewers from the Thai stand and the Strudel from the German stand.

My favorite part, though, was getting my "passport" stamped at every country I visited. :D

Fashion Fundamental: Denim jacket -- this thing goes with me everywhere and is perfect for those cooler summer nights.  It lives in my car so I can grab it once the sun goes down or just hangs off my crossbody bag.  Mine is from Gap, (circa 2003!) and you can't go wrong with the classics.

Sunnies: Prada | shop
Jacket: Gap | shop
Dress: Banana Republic | shop -- currently on sale for $48.
Belt: Taiwan | similar
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | shop
Sandals: Target | similar

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August 20, 2013

Saturday Farmers Market

Over the weekend and I made it to one of my favorite places -- the farmers market! Honestly, sometimes you can find very reasonably priced produce around your neighborhood market -- perfect for a big summer BBQ. G just redid his kitchen and we wanted to thank his friends for their demo work. So, we were looking for some dinner party, menu inspiration. We picked up what looked the best:  zucchini, eggplant, corn and fresh baked focaccia bread. 

What's your farmers market favorite?

Thanks for reading!

Dress:  Hollister | similar
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs | shop
Shoes: Crystals, Unionbay | shop
Sunnies: Prada | shop
Earrings:  Diamond Studs | shop
Coffee:  Cream + Sugar, please

August 19, 2013

Ann Taylor Crepe Full Skirt Dress Review

Hello!  Hope your week is starting off well. Today, I'm rocking a vintage vibe; a full swingy skirt always makes me smile.

Fit: Based on usual Ann Taylor standards, I think this dress runs large. For my preference, it needs a hem or have the shoulders taken in an inch or two.  This is a very flattering silhouette and it also comes in a fun orange shade.
Quality: 100% viscose. Dry clean only.  Fully lined. This dress is uber wrinkly.  I think you can see some of the wrinkles in the the photos, and this doesn't lend itself to sitting for a long time, otherwise I think it can look a touch sloppy.
Price: This is currently on sale for $138 $35 (no code needed, so if you have a code, you can easily stack discounts), which I think is a fair price for a versatile dress.
Bottom Line: A great price for a pretty, if wrinkly dress.

Fashion Fundamental: Great tote -- I love mini bags (witness my love for Rebecca Minkoff's Mini MAC), and I usually travel pretty light, but when I'm carrying around a few more items (i.e. a hugely bulky sunglasses case, camera, snacks, etc.), a tote bag is a great choice.

Sunnies: Prada | shop
Earrings: Kate Spade | shop
Dress: Ann Taylor Crepe Full Skirt Dress | shop
Bag: Coach | shop {reviewed here}
Shoes: Ann Taylor | shop

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August 15, 2013

Striped Frock and Flowers

Will is back in action!
Guess who's back on the blog?  It's Will...let's welcome him back to the party! It's always a great time when a best friend is in town. It's time for Mariah Carey songs, lots of wine and plenty of laughs. 

I had to pick a dress that fit my mood and reached for a new frock. From Mossimo, this dress is bright and cheery, plus it has pockets -- win win! I really love this dress and think it's easy to accessorize. So, I dug around my closet and discovered this gold, monogrammed belt. Sometimes you can find really awesome accessories when you least expect it. On a trip to St. Louis, I stopped in this crazy costume/thrift shop and picked up this gem! 

Nothing is better than a perfect day with your BFF & some fun style. Thanks for reading!

Dress:  Scoop Neck Pocket Dress, Mossimo, Target | shop
Shoes: Mossimo, Target | similar
Shades: Foldable Ray-Ban | shop
Belt: Thrifted | similar
Purse: Thrifted | similar

August 14, 2013

Maxi Moment: Mossimo Women's Color Block Maxi Dress Review

Fit: V-neck line & adjustable straps make this an easy dress to wear.  Sizing down from typical junior sizes recommended. The elastic waist can hit a little bit oddly, and as a result the top is a little blousy, & the length is a little long for me (I'm 5'3), but that's nothing a belt can't fix.
Quality: The material is 95% rayon & 5% spandex, and it feels a little bit like the parachute that you'd play with in gym class as an elementary student.  (Anyone with me there?  That was one of my favorite PE activities!) It is completely opaque, and it is a little wrinkle prone.  The material, though substantial, doesn't breathe incredibly well, so not the best for humid summer days.
Price:  This color block maxi dress retails for $29.99, a price point that's significantly cheaper than anything you'll find at some of my favorite retail establishments--JCrew, Banana, etc.
Bottom Line:  I'm a fan, and would recommend if you're looking for a cheap, colorful, and fun dress.

Fashion Fundamental: A great pair of sunglasses.  I think this might have been a fundamental that we've featured before, but a great pair of sunglasses can add just the right amount of glamor and mystery to your look. Plus, if you don't take 'em off, no one can tell that you're not wearing any makeup under there, and you still look styled & polished. :)

Sunnies: Prada | shop
Dress: Mossimo Women's Color Block Maxi Dress | shop
Belt: Taiwan | similar
Sandals: Target | shop
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | shop

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August 13, 2013

Weekend Polka Dots

How is it that those weekends go by so quickly? I spent some time with my family, ate some great food and also ran in the Color Run. What a crazy race! 

Those bright colors inspired this blue polka dot dress. I picked this number up at my local Forever 21. Win. I love the bow in the front for a vintage, girly touch.

Let's get a move on, week! I'm ready for the weekend already... 

Thanks for reading!

Dress:  Forever 21 | similar
Earrings:  Very Audrey JewelMint | shop
Shoes:  Mossimo Versie Pump, Target | similar

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August 12, 2013

Classic Combo: Dress + Blazer

I hope your week is off to a great start.  I spent the weekend BBQ-ing with my new roomie.  It was a fun, relaxing weekend and a great way to rejuvenate for the upcoming week.

I recently moved into a new place -- still in Kansas City.  I've been moved in for a few weeks already, but have just been getting around to slowly, but surely, unpacking.  I dread unpacking--nearly as much as I dislike packing--so I've been parsing out the unpacking tasks.

Anyway, this dress was only $25 from Ann Taylor; everything at Ann Taylor is currently 40% (code: TRENDS40) and free shipping when you spend $175+.  There's lots of good summer pieces.  Aili & I both picked up this beautiful yellow & white maxi.

Fashion Fundamental: Black Blazer - I wear this blazer all of the time; when I know I need an additional piece to pull my look together, when the temperature is a little cooler, or just when I need to add a little polish to a more casual look.  The dress + blazer is a classic combo, and any iteration of this look is appropriate for pretty much any occasion.

Blazer: Gibson via Nordstrom | shop
Dress: Ann Taylor -- currently on sale | shop
Shoes: Ann Taylor | shop
Earrings: Kate Spade | shop 

August 9, 2013

Farmer's Market

One of my favorite things about summer is that some of the best fruits and veggies are in season and out to play at the farmer's market.

You might spot a few strawberry plants in the photos above, and I was tempted to buy a few and grow my own.  My dad has always had an amazingly green thumb, and growing up we always had an abundance of cucumbers, basil, chives, mint, tomatoes, and even a watermelon now and again... Unfortunately, he didn't pass those gardening skills onto me.  My house plants do thrive, though that was at the expense of a few trial plants in college.  :)

Do you grow any of your own fruits & veggies?

Sunnies: Prada  | shop
Dress: JCrew
Sandals: Target
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs | shop

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August 7, 2013

Day on the Town

Lately, I have had the chance to explore my new city just a little bit more.  For instance, I've had the chance to check out some of the spots on Martini Corner and catch a Kansas City Royals game.  

When exploring a new city, my trusty Target sandals and favorite crossbody bag keep things comfy and convenient.  What's your go to day on the town look?

P.S. If you're headed to Martini Corner,  I recommend the Velvet Dog... not because the drinks and food are particularly good, but because they have skee ball!  Now I don't want to brag and say I rule the scoreboard when it comes to skee ball, but I gotta admit... I'm pretty darn good. ;)

Sunnies: Prada | shop
Top: H&M (old) | similar
Shorts: Gap | shop
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | shop
Sandals: Target (old) 

August 6, 2013

Summer Travels + Tory Burch Flats

Oh hey there! I've been super busy with work and have been hopping around the U.S. visiting:  Hilton Head, Napa Valley, Lake Tahoe & Kalispell. It's been a pretty legit summer of travel! Next up? Thailand, but I'll have more on that later in the year.

In my travels I've been working to get better at packing essentials. I find myself reaching for a staple summer piece:   the maxi dress. It's a great choice for high style but, low maintenance packing. I also picked up these fabulous T. Burch flats that fit nicely into a carry on for sightseeing.

Are you hitting up any destinations this year? If so, what are you packing?

Shades: Ray-Ban | shop
Necklace: Target  | similar
Dress: JCrew | similar
Shoes: Reva Ballet Flats, Tory Burch | shop

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August 5, 2013

Back in Action

Jane Squared's back after a little summer recess.  Aili and I have both been traveling, relaxing, and generally enjoying the summertime... but don't worry we're back with some of our favorite summer looks. :)

Predictably, mine include those easy summer dresses and a pair of wedges.

What are you always rocking this summer?

P.S. Today is the last day of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  We picked up Zella leggings, the strapless Calvin Klein bra (I'm a big fan of the fit and the bold -- if slightly impractical -- color choices), and this Michael Kors bracelet watch.

Sunnies: Prada | shop
Dress: JCrew Factory
Shoes: Target | similar
Belt: Target | similar
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | shop
Nails: Lollipop by Essie | shop

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