March 21, 2012

LOFT Bow Blouse + beard papa's

I had to take a little break to eagerly await the delivery of one of my favorite treats: Beard Papa's!  I first experienced this Japanese cream puff when I was studying abroad in Taiwan, where I occasionally frequented the glorious food courts at luxury Japanese department stores.  I've never been a big fan of cream puffs, but I love these Beard Papa's.  I like the classic vanilla custard, but my sister-in-law loves the strawberry eclair.  Try 'em out if you ever have a chance.  

Blazer: JCrew
Blouse: LOFT - scored this bad boy for $4.88
Shoes: Melissa Button Boots in Cognac, Frye | shop
Pants: 1969 5-Pocket Legging Jeans, Gap | shop
Bag: H&M

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