March 26, 2012

From Day to Night

The Janes love a great shirt dress, so when I was browsing through Lands End's sale sleepwear section, this nightgown seemed to have a lot of potential as a great shirtdress.  It looked just like the crisp blue oxford shirtdress that I've been wanting, but can never seem to find, and with a $15 price tag & free returns to Sears if it didn't work out, I couldn't resist.

As sleepwear, I think this is actually a pretty nice piece; it's soft, durable, and most importantly super comfy.  I am planning on wearing this little dress primarily as a casual spring & summer-time piece; the only thing that doesn't work for me is that it has a traditional sleep shirt's curved hem, so it's a little shorter on the sides.  All in all, though, this sleep shirt is the oxford shirtdress that I've long been on the search for... and it can very easily take me from day to night.  No need to pack an extra pair of PJs with this dress.  :D

We hope your week is off to a great start!

Jacket: Gap | shop this season's version
Dress: Lands End | shop similar - I love the surprising little details found in this dress, like the gingham cuffs, etc.
Belt: Taiwan | shop similar
Bag: H&M
Shoes: Nine West | shop very similar in regular & wide sizes for only $21.99


  1. The jean jacket really sets off the look! Love it!

  2. Fab shirt dress and I love the belt!