June 30, 2011

Mad Men

Two Words:  Mad Men. It is such a compelling show and the entire series will be on Netflix in late July 2011! And the clothes are amazing on the show. Give it a chance if you are skeptical. 

I bought this dress a few years ago and appreciate the simplicity and its nod to the classic housewives style. I injected a bit of red to pump up the outfit. 

Dress:  H&M, $40
Belt:  Thrifted, $2
Shoes:  Nine West
Necklace:  Claire's  
Ring:  Gift from my best friend - Sheena*

*Sheena literally proposed to me when she gave me the claddagh ring. It was epic. This is truly one of my favorite pieces of jewelry!


  1. You look so chic and indeed very "Mad Men" ish in this dress! I love how you paired it with the red belt too :)

  2. I love these kinds of simple, feminine dresses! Can't go wrong with the classics :)

  3. I definitely appreciate the simplicity of this dress too. It is such a timeless classic that you wear so well!

  4. @ Katherine - thank you!
    @ Keira L. - dresses are just so easy and fun!
    @ Economy of Style - it's a timeless dress I've had for years :)

  5. I should go back to wearing these...LOVE them!