August 28, 2012

Later AiliGator Farewell Party

Big changes happening for big sister Jane... new job & it's in a new city! I threw a big farewell party to celebrate and to say goodbye to all of my lovely friends. In typical Jane fashion there was a ridiculous theme:  "Later Ailigator" -- a play on the old saying "See you later, alligator."  The party was equipped with funny favors, a pool gator, a gator piƱata, & bomb cupcakes in the shape of the alligator. All of my favorite people came out to help me celebrate, and I'd call it a great party! 

Dress:  TJ Maxx | similar
Clutch:  Steve Madden via TJ Maxx | similar
Shoes: Enzo Angiolini | similar
Belt: Taiwan | similar
Necklace:  gift from Jon

Linked up to Real Girl Glam & The Pleated Poppy.


  1. Cutesy dress!! Love the print and colors - so perfect for the end of summer :) Found you via Real Girl Glam - hope you'll come check out my site! :)
    Nikki at

  2. I think the party theme is super cute! And that cake is precious. Sounds like like of changes, but it must be such an exciting time. Your dress is beautiful and I love the pink accessories you added.


  3. Your dress is adorable - I love the pink belt with it. Plus your hair looks amazing - it makes me miss my long hair :( It looks like you guys had a great time :)

    1. P.S. Are you ladies on bloglovin? Its the only way I can really keep up with blogs and I'd love to follow you.

    2. Yes! We are on blog lovin' -- Check it out here!

  4. What a great dress! Love the color scheme :) It's amazing what you can find at TJ Maxx sometimes.

    Cable Car Couture

  5. Stopping by from the link up...

    What a great dress. I saw the pop of pink in the photo on the link up and knew I'd have to check it out. Can't believe you got this at TJ Maxx! Love it. Looking fab.

    Understated Classics

  6. I need that peacock dress in my life! AHH! Stopping in from WIWW!

    Sheena @ A Girl's Guide to Retail Therapy

  7. Aww.... I kind of sad event but at least you wore a fabulous dress! Love that you paired it with the pink belt. Thanks for linking up for Real Girl Style!

  8. That peacock dress is so pretty!!

  9. that dress is beautiful! and love it with the pink belt!