May 9, 2012

JCrew Rainy Day Bow Flats

I picked up JCrew's Rainy Day Bow Flat in Neon Peach for $29.99 at my local JCrew.  They're still priced $58.00 online, but you can contact customer service and ask JCrew to honor the in store price of $19.99 if you're interested.

Uppers are made of PVC, and I took my usual size in these flats.  I find JCrew shoe sizing to be a bit odd and fit as if I'm always between sizes.  To deal with this, I occasionally use terrycloth inserts to make them fit a bit more comfortably.

The good: These flats come in some super fun colorways including black and blue grotto, which is a rich, vibrant blue.  The gold hardware is a cute touch, and overall, they are bright and cheery solution to a dreary and rainy day.  No need to worry about these getting wet since they're made of PVC, and can easily be wiped clean.
The bad: The sole has almost no tread, which doesn't seem ideal when you're splashing through puddles and on slick streets.  Even worse, the sole is extremely thin, and I feel like any sharp rock or glass debris couldn't stand up to soles of these shoes.  They're definitely not made for a long walk, but they would work a quick commute from the car to the office.  Additionally, the Rainy Day Bow Flats fit a bit oddly around the sides of my feet (see photo left); they ripple unattractively instead of fitting snugly on the side of your foot.

I think I'll stick with my favorite rainy day shoes, the crocband flat.

Rainy Day Bow Flats in Neon Peach, JCrew ($29.99) | shop

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