July 20, 2011

Evacuate the Dancefloor

Check my fly dance moves. I learned them from XBox Kinect's Dance Central, which is easily Aili's favorite game, so next time you see her at the clubs, don't be surprised if you recognize her dance moves.  After we rocked it on the dance floor, I got a little fancy with a belt, some wedges, and a beautiful turquoise clutch.  I love turquoise & white in the summertime; the look is always crisp and pretty. 

Dress: Delaney Eyelet Dress in alabaster, J.Crew ($50). If you dig this pattern but don't feel like rocking the dress, try the Delaney Eyelet Skirt (currently on sale for $49.99).
Belt: J.Crew - Styled here & here
Clutch: Stone foldover clutch in turquoise, Banana Republic ($40 with extra 40% off sale items in stores).
Shoes: Pilar Strappy Wedge Sandals in Brown by Mossimo, Target ($14.99 at my Target, but $29.99 online).  They also come in nude, pink, and black. Look out for a review of these wedges (& the turquoise clutch!) later this week.
Shoes + Dance moves: Crocband Flat in navy - I know some of you out there will definitely be Croc haters, but I enjoy them.  They're comfy, and are my favorite commuting shoes when it rains.


  1. Hahaha, I love your moves! I totally want to try out Dance Central... just gotta get a Kinect first. Hmmmm... And white + turquoise? You're right on in thinking that it's an awesome summertime color combo!

  2. I'm geeking out right now! I love Dance Central! My favorites at the moment are Push It by Salt n Peppa and King of the Dancehall by Beenie Man. Talk about a workout!
    Your dress is beautiful! I love the eyelets at the bottom and your gorgeous beaded clutch! LOVE!

  3. Great look and great clutch. The punch of color is beautiful!

  4. @amy kelinda - Once you try it out, I can definitely see you tearing it up at the clubs. haha

    @kimmie - My fave is "Teach Me How to Jerk" & Aili's is "Evacuate the Dance Floor." Thanks for your compliments; they made me smile!

    @TheDayleigh - Thanks! The fun turquoise color actually pairs well with lots of different colors like purple and red. It definitely makes for an interesting color combo.