July 22, 2011

Shoes & Accessories Galore

Scotty Essential Flat, Banana Republic (final sale price of $13) - I'm not sure if I can cross "Classic Black Flats" off of my Wishlist, but this pair of flats is cute and the patterned details keep things interesting.  The footbed is padded, and they're comfy... for the price and the quality, I definitely can't complain.

Pilar Strappy Wedge in Brown by Mossimo, Target ($14.99 at my local Target, but $29.99 online) - These shoes also come in nudepink, and black.  Seeing Rosa of Love at First Shop rock DV by Dolce Vita's Pali Wedge, gave me shoe envy.  So when the Pali Wedge went on sale at Piperlime ($49.99), I picked them up.  After I put in my order, I spotted the Pilar Wedges at Target, and they look suspiciously similar to the Pali Wedge.  :)  The Pilar Wedges fit TTS, are comfy for the most part, but on first-wear the top straps cut into my ankles making them a little uncomfortable, but nothing I can't get over.  The Pali Wedges have a synthetic lining & outsole, so I'm not sure if the Pilar Strappy Wedge differs significantly in quality from the Pilar Wedges, and I sent the Palis back to Piperlime (free shipping + free returns!).  Anyway, $14.99 in my book is a good deal.  See them styled here.

1. Large Metal Stud Earrings in shiny silver, Express ($14.90) - Express currently has a buy 1 get 1 50% off jewelry deal.  The Janes at Jane Squared really like Express jewelry as seen here and here.
2. Loft ($13.99) - The clasp on this earring is clumsy, and taking them off makes me slightly nervous that I might damage the earring, and more importantly my ear. 
3. Loft (final sale price of $3.42)
4. Loft (final sale price, including sales tax, of $3.42) - Earrings numbered 2 through 4 were purchased at my local Loft on July 9, so I'm not sure if they'll still be in stores, and I couldn't find them online.

From top to bottom: Faceted Gem Stretch Bracelet, Express ($19.90); Pearl Bead Stretch Bracelet in mother of pearl, Express ($19.90); Pearl Bead Stretch Bracelet in pearl, Express ($19.90) - Though, I like Express's jewelry quite a lot, I sincerely despise their customer service and return policy; in my opinion, Express stocks low quality clothing for inappropriately high prices.  I used to love their suiting--pencil skirts & editor pants, in particular--but as of late, their pieces aren't as classy.   All that being said, I think I'll take a permanent long break from shopping there.  If you do, however, plan on picking something up at Express, their jewelry is currently buy 1 get 1 50% off. :)


  1. Wow, these are some amazing deals! I'm obsessed with accessories...

  2. Ooh! I saw those at my Target the other day but passed over them. Now after seeing them on your feet, I'm going to go try to find them. So cute!

  3. @ the-loudmoth: Sometimes I struggle with accessorizing. It seems to be the last thing I think about when putting an outfit together, but accessories really polish your look.

    @kimmie: I went to two or three different Targets and only one of the Targets I checked out had them on sale for $14.99. Otherwise they were retailing for $20.98