May 31, 2011

Flower Power

Photo Cred: Kate

Kate and I spent the afternoon walking around town, picking up the ingredients for my semi-famous bread pudding, and browsing through shops. This easy summer dress from Gilly Hicks was perfect for the occasion. I really enjoy the floral prints from the Abercrombie & Fitch brand stores because they're super feminine, and I think you can score a decent deal on their dresses. I, do however, feel their items at full price aren't worth the money. I currently own two dresses from Gilly Hicks, and they both fit fairly well; see me wearing the other one here.

Dress: Vancluse in Navy, Gilly Hicks ($29.90, originally $34.50)
Cardigan: Gap Kids
Belt: Worn backwards, J.Crew. Also worn here.
Shoes: Old Navy (Fall 2010)

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