July 9, 2011

The Knotted Shirt

I'm trying out the knotted shirt look again... This is my second attempt, and I think it's pretty cute in my opinion, my first attempt wasn't so successful.  Something just looked a little off about it, but that's okay, I like this look better.

Looking through my last few posts, I've realized that I seem to be really into headbands.  I've got to try a new hairstyle!  In my defense, I firmly believe that the headband is highly underrated.

Dress: Target (Summer 2010)
Shirt: Gap Kids (this season's version); last seen at your local post office.
Shoes: Old Navy (Fall 2010)
Headband: Borrowed from my sister-in-law 


  1. love this. the denim & floral go perfect together. xo


  2. Thanks devorelebeaumonstre! I agree. I think a denim jacket would also be cute. I've been on the hunt for a cute one.

  3. Not buying that dress when I had the chance HAUNTS me.