February 10, 2014

Menswear Monday: To Infinity and Beyond!

Sometimes I can be accused of living under a rock and the Infinity Scarf is another example of that. After seeing them more than a few times I grabbed one on an impulse and its been a pretty solid buy. 

Here are the reasons I like it so far: 
1) Adds a lot of warmth 
2) Dresses up any button down or Tshirt 
3) In a pinch can work as a makeshift Balaclava to block the wind. 

That coupled with the rest of this getup will keep me warm and comfortable on the ‘average’ winter day. It's all about adaptation up in here!

Scarf: Navy Infinity, Boutique | shop similar
Shirt:  Denim Top, Uniqlo | shop
Jeans:  Brixton Reserve Denim, Pac Sun | shop
Shoes: Chuck Taylor Slip Ons, Converse | shop

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