February 3, 2014

Menswear Monday: Lunar New Year

I was told it was good luck to ring in the Lunar New Year you should wear red for good luck. So, I decided to do so in a big way -- for me. I got these pants a few years ago and was told they would be great for fall, but somehow I have been able to shoehorn them into every season. Pairing with this blue shirt shows that opposites do really play off of one another. Sometimes you need to mix it up no matter what season. Also, a friendly competition has started with the gang via Fitbit. How are you tracking your fitness goals this year? Hope you guys were able to enjoy the New Year, as well.  

Shirt: Jack & Jones | similar 
Pants: Slim Fit Chinos, Dressman | shop
Shoes: Chuck Taylor Slip Ons, Converse | shop

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