February 17, 2014

Menswear Monday: Shave and a Haircut

Well it may no longer cost 2 bits for these items, but sometimes there's nothing better than a good haircut and a nice close shave. For me personally -- a trend that I am happy to see sticking around is the old school style shaving. No more five razor combos and aerosol gel spray. It's all about going back to basics. Props to Aili's bro for introducing me to some of my favorite shaving items.

This safety razor is nice and heavy; and the it twists to open the head for a blade change. A years worth of blades can be found super cheap online and will make you wonder why you ever spent $15 for a set of name brand heads that will only last you two weeks. 

The positive for this stick soap means it's great for anyone on the go. No need for a cup just rub directly on your wet whiskers, lather and get your shave on. The end result is a much better experience and a smoother shave. 

Trust me, you won't be the only one to feel the difference.

Cheers & Happy Shaving.G

From Left to Right

Brush:  Pure Badger, Art of Shaving | shop  
Soap:  Mike's Natural | shop
Blades:  Personna | shop
Razor:  92R Super Heavyweight, Parker | shop 
Soap:  Shave Stick | shop

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