February 11, 2014

International Orange - San Francisco

G & I recently visited San Francisco, CA and were able to visit the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge. What a view and a break from the horrible cold of the Midwest! If you haven't had a chance to hit up San Francisco -- I highly recommend it. We hits some good eats like Beard Papa's and Taylor Street Coffee Shop. We also visited the Wharf and walked all over the city.

What adventures are you taking?  Thanks for reading!

Top:  Express | shop similar
Pants: 1969 Ponte, Gap | shop similar
Shoes: Ballet Flats, JCrew | shop
Jacket: Burberry  | shop
Purse:  Kate Spade | similiar
Sunglasses:  Foldable Wayfarer, Raybans | shop


  1. Love your jetsetting adventures! I recently just visited SF for the first time too. Maybe the next time I'm there, I'll visit your suggestions. We enjoyed our breakfast at Mama's (http://www.mamas-sf.com/). Going back home to snowy Boston was a rude awakening.

  2. Ahhh Taylor St Coffee Shop - one of our little favorites! Let me know the next time you are here - I have a whole list of hidden - and not so hidden gems.

  3. @NDTran - :) love that you just got to visit, as well. I will hit up Mama's next time, too! This winter has been brutal. Thanks for commenting and appreciate the Boston love.

    @LauraIsaacs - Isn't Taylor's the best? I love that the line is out of control, the kitchen is tiny, but it's all worth it for the Million Dollar Bacon or the stuffed hash browns! Thanks -- I will hit you up next time we head out. Thanks for your comment!