September 18, 2013

Target Xhilaration Juniors Sleeveless Low Bow Dress

Style: I love these bow dresses!  They remind me a lot of Ms. Pillsbury from Glee, and I've always loved her style. This dress is easy breezy, and it is easily appropriate for the fall and winter seasons, but it's sleeveless, so it works for the warmer months, as well.  The bow -- when it comes untied -- is a little bit low, so when rocking this dress, you just have to be a little cognizant. This dress comes in two other colors: a pretty red floral print & a yellow and green print.
Fit: Junior sizing is typically shorter -- think teeny tiny Forever 21 dresses -- so I went a size up to get a length that's more appropriate for work; unfortunately, that left me with armholes that are too big.  I really do like this dress, though so it may be worth a few simple alterations.
Quality: 100% polyester & machine washable.
Price: I found this adorably sweet dress from Target for $25.
Bottom Line: My two biggest complaints are the overly large arm openings & the lack of pockets, but otherwise, I'm a big fan. :)

What do you think? Do you think it's worth paying for some alterations or even DIY-ing it.  I can barely sew a button onto my shirt though, so I don't know how realistic going the DIY route is. :)

Earrings: Kate Spade | shop
Cardigan: JCrew | shop
Dress: Target | shop
Shoes: Ann Taylor | shop

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  1. The dress is adorable. I think it is totally worth spending money to get a dress altered by a pro.

  2. That's very cute! But yeah, it's too bad that Junior's dresses seem to be universally ultra-short!