September 4, 2013

Seychelles Pomona Sandals Review

I'm guilty of wearing the same 3 pairs of shoes--primarily these.  But hey, I know what works, and I'm fundamentally lazy when it comes to shoes... I do love a delicate ankle strap, but let's be honest (lol), a tiny buckle is a lot of work when you're just running out the door to grab the mail.  That's where the Seychelles Pomona Sandals come in.

Fit: A lot of reviewers complain that these sandals felt quite stuff and were uncomfortable. For me -- a gal with a wide foot -- it was relatively comfortable. They are a little stiff and definitely need some breaking in, but I thought they were relatively comfortable for the very brief stints I would wear 'em for.  I wouldn't be running in any marathons in 'em, though.  There's no arch support, but there's a bit of padding in the heel.
Style: This style comes in a variety of different colors -- see here, and I like all of 'em.  I like how easy they are to slide on & off.  And I just generally enjoy this strappy sandal in a variety bright, summery shades.
Quality: Other reviewers who purchased this pair felt like these were a little bit cheap, and while they're not particularly substantial (what pair of summer sandals is?), I found them to be of decent quality -- definitely superior to Target, but not significantly so.
Price: A little high for me since my spring/summer sandals are worn hard and worn everywhere during the warmer months that they rarely last more than a season; however, I do absolutely love the style.
Bottom Line: I ended up returning them, but I periodically monitor the price to see if it goets down to a level that I deem more reasonable -- more on the $30 range.  Now is the time to buy summer sandals since they're heavily discounted, but I'm holding out!

Have you found any adorable (and well-priced!) sandals this season?

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  1. I love Seychelles. Those are super cute! I'm addicted to Sam Edelman Gigis and found another pair for a steal at TJ Maxx!