September 26, 2013

Roller Derby Dress + Burberry #2 Debut

Boom. Fall coat + Fall boots. It's time...

Things are getting chilly here in the Midwest! So, I did it.. busted out the fall coat and boots. However, I'm still wearing a summer piece I haven't had a chance to sport. I found this fun dress at Crew on sale! Win win. I've been eyeing this piece forever, and it finally dropped to $60 or so. I love this print, and its name -- roller derby.

I'm also debuting Burberry #2! You met #1 a few years back, but I picked this up at Bloomingdales on sale -- of course. It's a beauty, comes with a removable hood and a removable liner. I'll do a full review on this once it gets cooler.

Who works hard, and shops hard? This girl.

Dress:  Roller Dress, JCrew | shop
Jacket: Burberry  | shop
Boots: BP Runway Boot, Nordstrom  | shop similar
Sunnies: 01OS, Prada | shop
Purse:  Crossbody, Kate Spade | shop
Earrings: Forever 21 | shop


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  2. I love a good black & white outfit, always looks so classy! :)