January 19, 2012

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Cold hands, warm heart.  Not so much, apparently.

A few years ago, Ailyn picked up these surprisingly warm, fuzzy-lined mittens when she was studying abroad for just $1 USD.  I've always been a mitten girl; in my humble opinion, they're much warmer, though admittedly much less functional than gloves.  I actually keep a different pair of arm accessories (gloves, mittens, fingerless gloves, arm warmers--you name it) in every piece of outerwear so that I--like many boy scouts and Scar--am always prepared.

A big thank you to Ying of MyDressyWay's for her Jewelmint giveaway! If you're new to the jewelry subscription site, Jewelmint, then use beauty guru hollyannaaeree's code: HOLLY for 60% off your first purchase.

Stay warm and safe in the midst of any winter snowstorms coming your way. :)

Mittens: Taiwan
Coat:  Banana Republic, also styled here (old)
Top:  H&M
Skirt:  Gap (2010?)
Tights: Spanx | shop
Shoes: Minas Ankle Bootie, Jessica Simpson | shop
Earrings: Crystal Cascade Earrings, Jewelmint | shop


  1. Love the shades of purple together! And the green coat is such a pretty pop!

  2. Those earrings are sweet! Loving the jewel tones together...the green is unexpected and looks great. Way to be, AT! :)

  3. I used to love mittens when I was a kid. I agree, they were very warm. I'll have to purchase a few again, but I would have to get the mittens that open so I can use my iPhone, etc. I like the color combinations used in your look and your earrings are equally gorgeous!

  4. What cute mittens! I love the color of that jacket btw!

  5. Love the Lion King reference!!!

  6. I LOVE it! The pairing with purples and green is perfect!

  7. love love love these colors together! we would love for you to link up to our party at http://griffithsrated.blogspot.com/2012/01/sunday-best-link-party_22.html


  8. Fab coat! Love the rich colors!!

  9. Loving all the jewel tones paired together...looks great!
    I am a fan of mittens too..MUCH warmer..but very difficult to do much of anything with them on, sigh.
    Happy Tuesday.

  10. That coat is such a fabulous color! Thanks for linking up to Monday Mingle!