January 10, 2012

ASOS Review: Good Meets Evil

I have been giving ASOS a go with their wonderful free shipping/free return, no minimum policy. I especially appreciate the "runway" view on their website which allows you to access a runway video. This is helpful because you can see how the clothes move, as well as the item's proportions as while the model walks the runway. Needless to say, I have big crush on ASOS. <3

For this ASOS review I wanted to juxtapose looks representing good (white) and evil (black). Each outfit has its own flavor, but which (if any) do you prefer?  As always, Ailyn and I love hearing your thoughts.

The white dress is very sweet, but the real star of this look are these creamy blue platform pumps. I was surprised by how well they pair with other pieces already in my wardrobe; plus, they are very high--measuring in at a more than respectable 4.7" with a 1.1" platform (according to ASOS.com, at least)--yet strangely comfortable!

The black dress is interesting, and you've got to give ASOS points for putting out pieces that you don't see too often, but overall I'm not a fan of the look. This dress is a definite return as it wasn't the sophisticated but fun and sparkly dress that I was expecting; instead, it's a bit too revealing for my taste. 

Dress:  Lace and Mesh Midi Dress, ASOS | shop
Shoes:  Perfect Patent Platform Court Shoe in Blue, ASOS | shop
Earrings:  Target
Necklace:  Thrifted
Ring:  H&M
Bracelets:  Express (accessory review)

Dress:  Mini Dress with Sequin Mesh, ASOS | shop
Shoes:  Guess
Earrings:  Charlotte Russe

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  1. Hi There!
    Thanks for the post. The white dress looks lovely on you! I was curious what US dress size you purchased from their website for it? I feel like we both have similar body shapes, and have read different things about ASOS sizing and thought it'd be great to get your feedback on it!