January 11, 2012

LBD & a JCrew Popover

This is my second attempt at styling this LBD with pieces already hanging in my closet.  See the first one here.  Of the two looks, I much prefer this look to yesterday's... mostly because the puffy princess sleeves and Peter Pan style collar give this look a touch of primness that I dig.

To counter the prim and proper factor, these vibrant red glasses are a fun accent to a rather conservatively colored look, and I'm excited to say that in the near future, I'll be able to further experiment with eyewear!  After more than a decade of being a glasses & contacts wearer, I'm getting LASIK very soon!  I'm super excited (and a little nervous).  Wish me luck!

Dress: Gap | shop similar
Shirt: Puff-Sleeve Pop Over in end-on-end, JCrew | May still be available in stores - The collar on this bad boy doesn't always stay in place, which is a little annoying.
Bracelet:  Banana Republic (old)
Tights: Spanx via Ann Taylor | shop
Shoes: Abalene, Nine West | shop (If you find this cheaper elsewhere, don't forget that Endless price matches.)
Coat: JCrew (2008?)

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