October 12, 2011

Jane's Quest for Apple Cider Doughnuts

When it comes to great food, Jane Squared doesn't mess around.  We'll do whatever it takes to enjoy a good meal...  Wake up at the crack of dawn for some monstrously huge doughnuts? Check.  Show up to a 12 course meal in our disgustingly casual tourist wear?  Check (Admittedly, we weren't looking our classiest during this meal, but hey, you really can't beat Astrid y Gaston's alfajores... or their ceviche. Yum!).  Wait hours in extreme heat and humidity just to enjoy the delicacy that is a Chicago hot dog?  Check. Stalk Rick Bayless?  Go to NYC for the very first time & fail to visit even 1 clothing store, but manage to make it to 30+ dining destinations in just under 3 days?  Check & Check.

And these apple cider doughnuts are, in our humble opinion, great food.  So when faced with a quest to locate these doughnuts, I felt no fear.  I simply channeled my inner pirate (Arr!) &  knew I'd persevere and find 'em.  And find 'em I did!  In case you're wondering, they really are that good. :D

Wondering what that bearded turkey is wearing underneath all those feathers?

Top: (Dress worn as a top) Ruff Hewn, Macy's ($6)
Bag: H&M, Summer 2009 - This bag, though only $14, hasn't held up the best.  The strap simply snapped off, and my auntie had to re-attach the strap.
Hair Bling: Loft
Skirt: Jacob Outlet, Summer 2010


  1. Oh my gosh, you are hilarious lady! Savannah doesn't mess around when it comes to food either! And those doughnuts looks mighty good :) LOVE your outfit, you're adorable! Thanks for your cute comment, I am you newest follower!

  2. Cute! I went to an orchard in Minneapolis 2 weekends ago, and failed to take any pictures! Wah... But I did eat a some delish apple pie! Haha.

    <3 The Daily Dani

  3. Your bag and belt match the doughnuts! :) (Is it weird that I noticed that?) Anyhow, never had an apple cider one before, but they look worth the search.