October 5, 2011

BDIB: Animal Print (Rawr)

I've always been kind of apprehensive about wearing animal print... I attribute this to the combination of a young Ailyn's tendency to play 101 Dalmatians on repeat + her dislike for Cruella de Vil.  In the past, I've shied away from rocking animal print because though it might be classic, it doesn't always appear classy.  Other bloggers--especially those who treat animal prints like neutrals-- have inspired me to give animal print a fair shake.  Since I haven't fully committed to the trend though, I didn't want to purchase anything too expensive, so my first stop was Forever 21.  I picked up this feminine dress for under $25. Though I'm still a tentative user, I do find myself gravitating towards more animal prints since I've picked up this dress. Ann Taylor does a great job with animal prints; I'm a fan of their printed cardigan and skirts.

Dress: Forever 21 - September 2011 (may still be available in stores)
Earrings: Banana Republic Outlet
Belt: Thrifted
Boots: BP Runway Boot in Cognac, Nordstrom | shop


  1. I'm one of those people who believes animal prints make the world a better place. I love your dress! Very girly and classy. My favorite pieces in my closet are a zebra scarf and some leopard shoes which I wear to liven up any outfit.

  2. I think this looks great on you! I like how you paired it with neutrals which makes it a little more subdued and makes it look chic.

  3. Firstly, this is such a good print, because it's not enormous, since you normally have a reservation about animal prints. It's definitely a versatile dress and I love it, and how you styled it.

  4. I was hesitant on animal print too. My husband HATES it....but now I do animal print and I love it....you look hot!

    Get Up & Go

  5. Wow! I would have never guessed that that dress was from Forever21. It looks really cute on you you!! And those boots are beautiful!

  6. You look lovely. Animal print is not as tacky as you think.

    Visit me!!
    Love from Oregon USA,

  7. animal print is my fav this fall!! and I love to get ideas from all the bloggers, love your style! nice paired with cognac boots!

    xo Nav

  8. I absolutely lovvve this look. The dress is so simple but stylish and I love how you belted it. The boots look great with it too. Effortless but adorable!

  9. I totally missed this dress from F21 and I frequent that place...how did I Miss this dress? Anyways, you look fab in animal prints, I hope you'll try out more pieces, because they're fun to wear!

  10. @Janna - I'm intrigued by your zebra scarf and am excited to branch out to more animal prints. Thank you!

    @Audrey@PuttingMeTogether - :) Thanks Audrey. We girls gotta keep it fresh!

    @Fashion Tales - I tried to mute the accessories, but still keep it fun. Thanks for the note!

    @Sarah Grecco - I love that you still rock your prints, sans husband approval! He doesn't know... Thanks for your comment.

    @Jenn - Thanks Jenn. Forever 21 can surprise you sometime! Admittedly, I was in the store for an hour, and this is the only thing I bought if that tells you anything... I love these boots, too. They are cool and comfy.

    @Danielle Celeste Couture - ah yes, I'm slowly converting.. but you know you've seen that person - with print - looking tacky :). Thanks for your comment!

    @Nav - Thanks Nav! I'm looking forward to your print inspired looks.

    @Meagan - Thanks Meagan! The belt was a great find at the local Goodwill, and keeps the look "tame." :)

    @Bravoe Runway - I'm pretty sure I get lost in F21 overtime I visit.. you know with the mass amount of clothing, terrible return policy and long wait for the dressing room. This was the last dress on the rack, but I have confidence you can find it! :)

  11. I think this is one of my most favorite looks that I have seen! I love how subtle the print is & it looks amazing with your boots! Great job!!

    I am a visitor from the BDIB Challenge & just became your newest follower! I would love for you to visit my blog & follow back if you'd like. :)

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  12. Such a cute dress! Animal prints are a great neutral. I don't have a lot of it either, but I definitely want more after this challenge.

  13. @Mary and Dyer - that's really nice - thank you!
    @Michelle - :) It'll be good for us to branch out - thanks for commenting!

  14. The dress looks fantastic on you. I'm a believer in F21, but still wouldn't have guessed that it was from there.

  15. Love the dress! The ruffles on the sleeves add the perfect touch of feminity to the leopard print!