October 27, 2011

Halloween: Flashback - Looks That Insipire

As you know, I love Halloween. However, paying a lot of money for a costume is never an appealing option. Frugality has forced me to be very, very creative.

I've compiled some costumes from prior years for those of you feeling uninspired. I used things in my closet, borrowed from friends, created pieces, and bought some extra accessories to "make it work." I would venture that I haven't spent more than $20 on a costume for the past several years. Feel free to make your own version of the costumes below!

Check out my first 2011 Halloween look here!

UP - Russell
Shirt:  Borrowed from a Boy Scout
Shorts:  Bullhead shorts, Pac Sun
Sash:  Borrowed from a Boy Scout
Socks:  Borrowed from a Boy Scout
Boots:  Doc Martins
Belt:  Gap
Hat:  Borrowed
Neckerchief:  Jo-Ann Fabrics ($2)
Flag:  Orange card stock (printed "Wilderness Explorers" logo), wooden dowel - Jo-Ann Fabrics ($4)
Balloons:  Party City ($5)

Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone - Harry Potter
Cape:  Loft 
Glasses:  Hot Topic
Tie:  Museum of Science & Industry
Shirt:  Gap
Pants:  Express

The Incredibles - Violet
Shirt:  Gap (I printed the "Incredibles" logo and taped it to my shirt)
Shorts:  H&M
Mask:  Halloween store
Gloves:  Halloween store
Belt:  Laminated construction paper with Velcro
Shoes:  Erynne in Black Suede, Nine West | shop
*Other friends pictured:  Little Miss Muffet, Reno 911! - Officer Dangle (Will), 70s Boho-chic lady

SNL Spartan Cheerleader - The Spartan (Cheri Oteri)
Shirt:  Walmart, $10
Shirt decoration:  Black, White and Red Felt Fabric Jo-Ann Fabrics
Skirt:  Jo-Ann Fabrics 
Tights:  Wet Seal


  1. These are the coolest costumes especially given your creativity in pulling them together!

  2. These costumes are so creative and you look the part for each and every one! This year I won't be dressing up, I am slightly bummed....

  3. @Audrey@ Putting Me Together - :) So glad you enjoyed!
    @Economy of Style - thank you! Halloween is the best and so fun.
    @Bravoe Runway - thank you and I'm also bummed that you aren't dressing up, but you rocked Halloween colors :).