October 3, 2011

JCrew Ruthie Shirtdress Review

A lot of JCAs aren't a big fan of this dress, but for me it's a mixed bag.  It runs small, so I'd say size up.  The material is thin and scratchy.  It's wrinkle-prone, but I think it has several redeeming qualities, including pockets, a flattering silhouette, and pretty pleats. Plus, you can't beat the button detailing.   I'd say it's tight across the bust/chest area (I guess I'm just too bootylicious for this dress. :D).  The sleeve length flatters, but I've also heard that many think the hemline is a bit short.  I think for weekend and casual wear, the length is okay, especially paired with tights.  On me, it could stand to be a touch longer, but overall, I'm okay with the length.  Conclusion: I'm ambivalent.  What do you all think?

Headband: Two-Tones Sparkle Headband in Neutral, Banana Republic | shop
Dress: Ruthie Shirtdress in Gatsby Green, J.Crew | shop
Belt: J.Crew
Shoes: Nine West - Fall 2009?


  1. I personally love the color of the dress but you're right about the hemline. It would bother me that it was shorter than I'm used to. The pockets are a plus though. And that gold belt is so pretty with the dress.

  2. I think it's too tight across the chest for you, so perhaps sizing up might solve the problem. It's a good colour on you.

  3. Love the photos, very cute.

    I agree with Rose, it is too small in the chest and the strain on the fabric is quite noticeable. Sizing up would look much nicer if you really want to have this dress in your wardrobe.

  4. Thanks for the advice, ladies! I hadn't even realized how tight the chest/bust looks, so I'm definitely taking Miss Ruthie back to J.Crew!