September 29, 2011

Banana Republic Classic Trench

The weather's getting a little chilly here in the Midwest, so I took advantage of the opportunity to bust out my Banana Republic trench.  I'm a fan of this trench; when I purchased it, I couldn't decide if I needed petite sizing or not... the sleeves are a touch long for me, but otherwise I think it's okay.  It fits in the shoulders, and the length works on my frame.  Overall, it's well-made, decently priced (especially with BR's occasional 40% off sales), and classic.  It's no Warhead, but it definitely does the job. :)

The silver hook bracelet was a gift from my ultra-stylish and generous friend, Carly. She purchased it in St. Croix, and it has its own Cruzan folklore: it's supposed to bring the wearer luck in love, and depending on how it's worn, indicates one's romantic status--much like the claddagh ring.

Earrings: Loft - Winter 2010
Shoes: Charcoal Chuck Taylors, Converse | shop
Bottoms: Bullhead Super Skinny Jeans ($39.50 2 for $47) | shop
Cardigan: Jackie Cardigan in Sweet Hyacinth, J.Crew | shop

Top: Cotton On - Spring 2010 ($3)
Outerwear: Classic Trench in Khaki, Banana Republic | shop

Bracelets: Silver cuff, Tonghua Yeshi in Taipei (NT$70 = just under $2.50 USD); Cruzan Hook Bracelet, Gift from Carly; Heart-links Bracelet, Gift from mi madre 

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  1. Gorgeous! My BR trench has always been my favorite. I need a new one now though.