September 14, 2011

(Slim) Shady

Shades make this outfit infinitely cooler, right?  Speaking of shades & shady.  I do love Slim Shady. And I also love this combo of navy and cobalt + pop of bright pink.  I love a little bling when it adds just the right amount of glam to a look.  I love when the weather cools enough for a classic blazer.

Happy Wednesday! :)

Dress: F21
Blazer: Gap
Belt: J.Crew
Earrings: Banana Republic
Shoes: Enzo Angiolini 
Shades: Random Gas Station
Bracelet: Express


  1. This blue dress is so fabulous and the color combinations here are really working it.

  2. I too think that shades make everything just look a little bit more sleeker. Love this cobalt color on you.

  3. @Economy of Style - Thanks, girl!

    @Tabitha - I'm a regular prescription glasses wearer, so I don't get to rock my shades that often, but I do love the look of 'em!