April 30, 2011

Quest for the Perfect Trench

I've been obsessing over Burberry trenches for the past two years. In February 2011 I went into Burberry twice to try on the infamous coats.

How can I justify this amount of money on this coat? Well, it'll last a lifetime, and I love its classic style. What else is there to consider? This heavy chunk of change made me smile sheepishly at the sales associate, hand her the coat, and rethink my options.

In lieu of throwing down $1,595 on the beautiful Wearhead trench, I decided to go for a good alternative: Banana Republic's reasonably priced, seasonal trench (Jane 2 also owns a version of this).  However, I've not worn it yet... just in case. Nordstrom has a few great sales throughout the year and I may place my bets on getting a Burberry through these amazing sales.

Coat: Burberry (I wish I owned this.)

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