September 26, 2011

Gap Denim Jacket

I was moving my fall and winter wardrobe into my closet, and I came across this old denim jacket, purchased circa 2005, that I haven't worn for several years.  To my surprise, this classic piece still fits!  It's in great condition and has become a staple in my closet.  This jacket has helped me re-evaluate my wardrobe for quality, cut, and potential for a classic "never goes out of style" look.  As a result, I've gotten rid of a ton of pieces, and I'm shopping more carefully than ever.  I've even been agonizing over a pair of ponte legging jeans from the Gap that I scored for $24.  I love nearly everything about them (cut, fit, color, fabric, comfort) except that the fly gapes slightly, and as a result, I'm thinking about returning them.  We'll see if they can win a permanent spot in my closet.  I'll keep you posted.  :)

Skirt: Loft ($12)
Belt: JCrew
Top: PacSun
Shoes: Nine West - Fall 2010
Scarf: Taiwanese Boutique
Headband: Banana Republic
Jacket: Gap - 2005 (Still a classic!)
Bag: H&M - Fall 2009

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