June 20, 2011

Summer Florals

Photos courtesy of Carly

I'm a fan of Victoria's Secret clothing.  VS clothing is cute, fits me well, and always wins me compliments!  It's not always the greatest quality and is often overpriced, but you can score great deals with coupon codes or during their semi-annual sales.  Despite the drawbacks, I find myself regularly checking out their clothing selection (swim suits, too).

On an unrelated note, happy belated Father's Day to all you fathers out there.  And a special shout out to our father and our brother--a new dad celebrating his first Father's Day.  :)

Dress: The Corset Dress in Purple Multicolor, Victoria's Secret ($30, originally $58)
Cardigan: Jenna Cardigan, J.Crew
Shoes: Taiwan
Headband: Banana Republic
Earrings: Forever 21
Belt: J.Crew
Purse: H&M

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  1. I really like this as well. So glad you ladies decided to do a blog. :-)