June 1, 2011

Jewel Tones - Two Ways

It is a chilly spring day, but that doesn't stop me from busting out one of my favorite skirts. It is also a day of indecisiveness. I have chosen to pair two variations with said skirt (Gap).

Meet a rockin' pair of heels. Sadly, it wasn't until I was in my first years of college that I discovered the magical place known as "Nordstrom Rack." Hence, a favorite pair of purple, striped BCBG shoes (circa 2006). Purple stripes and I have been in mutually exclusive relationship ever since.*

Skirt:  Gap ($39.99, originally $49.50)
Shoes:  BCBG, Nordstrom Rack circa 2006 ($50)
Jewelry: Banana Republic Outlet
Ring: Birthday Gift from my best friend, Sheena

Outfit 1
Will it be cold in the office today? Yes. Scarves are a great tool to use year round, and is a great transitory piece when the seasons are unpredictable. The belt is styled over the scarf. I find that this helps to polish the look.
Green Tank Top:  Limited
Black Cardigan:  Express
Black Belt:  Thrifted
White Scarf:  Macy's

Outfit 2
Aili, you need to simplify and it might not be as cold as you imagine.
Top:   Gap
Sweater:  J.Crew

*How does one maintain shoes for years? Easy, a great shoe repair shop. I've taken these heels in quite a few times. The small black piece that covers the heel of the shoe can be worn out rather quickly and a terrible horse galloping sound begins to emit from your feet. This can be alleviated by a quick stop at the shoe repair shop. This will run you approximately $15-$20 - well worth the money and time.

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  1. I love what you did with the scarf! Very cool. I've never been to a shoe repair shop, but maybe I should start doing that...