October 29, 2013

How to Pack: Look by Look

I love visiting new places, but packing is probably one of the most arduous tasks, especially for an international trip. However, it's always worth the effort and planning for a great destination. For a few weeks "G" and I are going to Thailand on holiday.

Here is a quick preview of some looks that I'll be wearing over the trip.

There's not necessarily a formula to the packing madness, but I do try to ask myself the following questions in preparation:
  1. Weather - What is the temperature of the destination? (coat, umbrella, etc.)
  2. Duration - How many days am I there?
  3. Crafty - What can I reuse/recycle?
  4. Style - What is a simple, but still fashionable?
  5. Damage/Lost - What can I live without? Mishaps, lost luggage, etc. is completely a possibility. Am I packing anything that is irreplaceable?
  6. Pro/Con - Is it worth it to pay for a checked bag or can I get away with a "carry on" piece? Several great tricks -- rolling clothes, stuffing socks and making the best use of space is essential!
  7. Extras:  Meds/travel size containers/reading materials/camera, phone, international outlets, batteries, earplugs, etc. 
  8. Essentials:  Passport/Visas/Print Itinerary & confirmation emails
While gearing up for the long plane ride I have some essential criteria:
  1. Layers for temperature control
  2. Comfortable for a long ride
  3. Wrinkle free to avoid sloppy/messy looks
  4. Ease through security
I'm excited to share some outfits and experiences from the trip! Thanks for reading.

Jane's Travel Look
Pants: 1969 Black Ponte, Gap | shop
Sweater: Hunter V Cardigan, Uniqlo | shop
T-shirt:  Breathe Roll-Sleeve, Gap | shop
Scarf: Infinity scarf, AE | similar
Shoes:  Cece Ballet Flats, JCrew | shop

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  1. I traveled non-stop in a previous career, your tips are spot on for making extra space. Rolling everything worked for me.
    Lori in Atlanta