February 27, 2013

City Tourist: Millennium Park

Have you seen the bean?! Yea, yea.. it's a touristy spot, but I'll admit that I love it! This Chicago art piece is fun and a great place to visit. Honestly, I  don't think it ever really gets old. G & I spent some time visiting the hot spots like the Hancock Building. I highly recommend getting drinks at the top for a spectacular view.

There's nothing better than being a tourist in your own backyard. What are your favorite tourist sites?

*Tomorrow is the birthday of the most fabulous, fashion saavy, smartie pant, kindest sister in the world. Happy Birthday to my favorite Jane! <3

Shirt: Lace top, H&M | similar
Cardigan:  Red sweater, Ralph Lauren | similar
Belt:  Loft | similar
Jeans:  Rock Star, Old Navy | shop
Shoes: BP Runway, Nordstrom | shop
Coat:  Colletta Coat, JCrew | similar 
Scarf: Nordstrom | similar
Necklace:  Magnify, Cali boutique | shop
Purse:  thrifted


  1. Chicago! One of my favorite places. :) I love your outfit, especially the boots.

  2. Cute outfit! Love the red and white! And I definitely want to visit the bean sometime!!!


  3. I love the outfit! And the photos are awesome!!

  4. So great! I love the bean :) Your hair, by the way, looks awesome in these pictures! I really like this cut on you.


  5. super cute outfit and don't worry i've been to the "Bean" several times while visiting and it never gets old :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  6. Whenever I can make a trip to Chicago, I definitely need to go to the bean!! I love your cute, lace top!


  7. I have seen the bean. Great spot for photos.