February 13, 2013

St. Louis: Mardi Gras & a Leather Jacket

Secret passages!
G playing on a wooden piano at the City Museum
Downtown St. Louis

Fashion Fundamental:  Leather Jacket

It's Mardi Gras! I'm celebrating in St. Louis with G and some friends!  We ate BBQ, visited the Gateway Arch, and explored the crazy City Museum. This is really just a playground with a series of art installations. Everything from a 10 foot slide to secret tunnels to a giant pencil make this an intriguing funhouse.

I put on some comfortable clothes because I knew I would be crawling around. However, I added a bit of flare and function with a piece I don't pull often enough -- my leather jacket. I found this one in a French boutique 5 years ago. I was obsessed with the hood, and convinced myself I needed to buy it. I'm really glad I did... beads for everyone!

How are you celebrating Mardi Gras?

Shirt: Hollister | similar
Jacket: French boutique | similar
Jeans:  Bullhead skinny, PacSun | shop
Purse: Crossbody, Kate Spade | shop
Shoes: Chuck Taylor All-Star Slip-On | shop
Earrings:  from Mom | similar

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  1. Hi--great outfit! Saw your blog because of the boots entry on "Everybody Everywhere." Just wondering if you know why there haven't been any posts since "Boots?"