April 3, 2012

Pretty Woman - Polka Polka

I found this dress in Los Angeles and it totally reminded me of the dress worn in Pretty Woman. Pan to me fixing the divots in the grass.... :) This warm weather makes this fun, flowing dress an easy choice!

In actuality, I'm in front of a pretty amazing doughnut shop -- The Doughnut Vault, a hidden gem, in the fine city of Chicago. Ailyn has been here, too! Check out her experience here.

*Note:  The Janes are apparently obsessed with donuts. Click here for another doughnut 

review? Crazy Janes and their doughnuts...

Dress:  Chantell, Melrose Boutique

Shoes: Perfect Pumps, Ann Taylor | shop
Earrings - Charlotte Russe


  1. what a charming little dress! you look so cute! :)

  2. Polka dots will always be my favorite pattern. This color combo is so great too!