April 4, 2012

JCrew Delaney Eyelet Dress: A Casual Affair

When I was little, I liked to preserve my favorite things for use on the perfect occasion.  For instance, I had these Pochacco stickers that I was obsessed with, but would never use because I treasured them so much and didn't want to waste them on my school notebooks and papers.

Sometimes I'm like that with my clothes, too. I keep waiting for the perfect occasion to wear them so they won't be "wasted."  The perfect occasion doesn't come around all that often, so some of my favorite pieces, like this classic sun dress, go unworn.  Luckily, clothes--unlike Sanrio stickers--are more than one-time use.

Dress: Delaney Eyelet Dress, JCrew (S/S '11) | similar with a key hole
Belt: Taiwan | shop similar
Cardigan: Lands' End Canvas | shop
Bag: H&M
Shoes: Nine West | shop similar


  1. Pochacco -- totally my favorite...pretty sure you could find some pochacco stickers hidden my old bedroom

  2. I do the same thing with clothes. Sometimes I'll go a year or two before wearing anything new. I love eyelets and that dress is gorgeous. It's perfect with the color blocking with the cardigan and belt.

  3. I understand what you mean about saving things! I bought a very pretty maxi dress a year ago, waited for the perfect occasion ... and never wore it. I finally decided to just wear it and enjoy it the other day.
    Love the pink and blue accents you added to your classic dress. :)