April 17, 2012

Denim-on-Denim on the Brooklyn Bridge

My sister and I spent the weekend in NYC. We did some classic New York "musts" like snacking on the famed New York bagel & crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. Luckily, the weather was perfect, so we got to enjoy a leisurely walk with beautiful city views. 

I was pretty excited about my denim-on-denim look since I'm a little wary of paring them together for many reasons (see Justin & Britney).  I'm a new believer in the look and may have to try out some other pairings. More of our NYC styles to come!

Top:  Selvedge Chambray, JCrew  | similar
Pants:  Bullhead, PacSun
Shoes:  Cece Suede Ballet Flats, JCrew | shop
Necklace:  JCrew
Sunglasses:  Soho find


  1. I did denim on denim this week too! Love the pearls!

  2. Very cute! You make it look so easy. I'm marginally less scared of looking like a dork!