December 22, 2011

AE Fair Isle Sweater Review

I picked up this sweater from AE during their latest 40% off everything sale (currently in stores + online), and I tried to stack a 15% off purchase coupon in stores, but alas was unsuccessful.  Does anyone know if that's standard AE discount policy?  As Aili mentioned, it's been a while since either of us has shopped AE.

I do like this the style of the sweater, but I ended up returning for two primary reasons: 1) it sheds everywhere and 2) it's itchy.  I have come along way from the days of my youth where I refused to wear anything that wasn't absolutely comfortable; for instance, I hated wearing clothes containing a zipper that touched any part of my skin.  The sweater is thick and has a slight boatneck going on; I tried rocking this off-the-shoulder, but for some reason, that has never been a good look for me.  For all of those reasons (and more that I can't recall), this purchase simply didn't work out.

Plus, I couldn't really figure out how to style this sweater. lol. Which length is right for me?  Belt or sans belt?  What do you think?  My personal favorite is probably Option 2, though I think Option 3 paired with jean leggings would be cute.

Want more Jane + Fair Isle?  Check out how Aili styles her fair isle sweater dress here.

Headband: Taiwan
Bracelet: Express
Top: AE - still available in stores.
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Hue
Flats: J.Crew

1 comment:

  1. I like option 3 belted and I agree option 3 would look great with jeggings. I don't think we should compromise on our standards when it comes to buying clothes. There is a fair isle sweater out there for you that's comfy and doesn't shed.