November 14, 2011

Hot Chocolate 15k - Chicago Run

Can you spot Jane?

Finally...we've been waiting forever!

About a week ago I completed my first ever 15k! My brother was the driving force behind my success as he challenged and encouraged me to finish. 

My whole family came out to support me including my seven month year old nephew JET who has been featured in the blog a few times (JET 1, JET 2). The Hot Chocolate 15k was very cool as 8,000+ runners accompanied me around downtown Chicago. It was surreal and I still cannot believe I ran the whole thing.

Of course, I wanted to wear functional attire to the race, but fashion is always on the forefront and it can still be stylish. I've been checking out various gear for future runs and am excited about infusing a fashion flare into my sport activities. Onward runners! 

Top:  Under Armour
Skirt:  Eddie Bauer
Shoes:  Asics | shop
Gloves:  Nike
Music :  iPod Shuffle


  1. Way to go!! And that running skirt is too cute!!

  2. what a great name for a run!! dang i want some hot cocoa now!!

  3. @Kristin - thank you - the run was amazing!
    @Sandy a la Mode - I mean if you are going to run it might as well be for chocolate!