November 17, 2011

Ladylike Lace & Pleats

I love the vibrant celadon of this dress; combined with accordion pleats & lace embellishment--right on trend for the season--I couldn't pass this feminine dress up.  Initially, I was worried that the dress wouldn't integrate well with my existing wardrobe, but there was no need to worry!  I'm excited to share some of the ways I plan to style this with you all!

Blazer: H&M ($35.95) - See the navy version on one of our favorite bloggers, Kristin of A Longenecker Story Short.
Dress: Heritage 1981 (aka F21)
Shoes: Bandolino | shop
Necklace: JCrew

P.S. How amazing it that Aili actually ran 15 kilometers ( = 9.32 miles)?! woohoo!


  1. LOVE this dress! I think I've seen it in white as well. It's JUST the kind of thing I'm looking for for winter/fall!

  2. such a gorgeous color! and I love the lace! you and your sister are adorable!
    Mae from Lili & Mae