November 1, 2011

Ann Taylor Perfect Skinny Belt

Since I'm still on the job hunt (wish me luck!), I've been trying to resist making a lot of clothing purchases.  Unfortunately, the fall clothing season is my favorite of them all; plus, there have been some great deals recently, and my most expensive items (coats+boots) are usually purchased during this time of year.  Despite this, I'm trying to rock my current wardrobe.

This dress--last seen at Jane 1's Graduation ceremony--is remixed for fall.  (It seems like Jane Squared is all about remixing.)  A simple button down and brown tones pull this look together.  I'm also wearing Ann Taylor's Perfect Skinny Belt, and this is my first experience with Ann Taylor's belts.  I think the color is lovely and pairs nicely with several pieces in my fall wardrobe!

In general, I've had positive experiences with Ann Taylor's "Perfect Line" (i.e. Perfect Pump, Perfect Shirt, etc.); I definitely recommend checking those pieces out.

Interested in the Ann Taylor Lady Bag?  Check out my review.

Hope your Halloween was safe and fun.  Happy November!

Dress: Gap (Spring 2010)
Shirt: China
Belt: Perfect Skinny Belt, Ann Taylor in Camel Beige | shop
Necklace: J.Crew - I see this in stores all of the time, but I haven't seen it online.
Boots: Australia 


  1. Fall is also my favorite in terms of outfits. I love the layering and boots! Speaking about layering and boots, your outfit is the epitome of a perfect fall outfit.

  2. Thanks Jenn. That's really sweet. :)