October 22, 2012

Baby Kai has Arrived!

Welcome to the world, Baby K! We are so very thrilled that you’ve finally arrived. Love you!

This is the outfit I wore to meet my new niece for the very first time!  She was born on Friday, and you only make a first impression once.  Gotta bring my A-game to secure the coveted favorite auntie status (shh! don’t tell Aili). :D

Fashion Fundamental:  Skinny Belt

I love this skinny belt from JCrew because a well-placed skinny belt can help you change the silhouette of shirts, dresses, and even jackets/blazers.  Skinny belts also make your waist appear slimmer and give you a lovely hour-glass shape.  In particular, JCrew skinny belts come highly recommended by because they are well-made and supple enough to submit to the tying and twisting, yet don't retain any creasing.  Anyway, check 'em out, and you can usually score them on sale.

Additionally, interesting tights (of the vibrant color or texture variety) are a nice addition to your wardrobe, especially if you have a tendency to purchase your basics in neutral, solid colors.  Textured and colored tights are a very affordable way to lend a lot of visual punch to your look [see example here].  Aili tends to gravitate towards grey tights, which are also a nice, more laidback alternative to black.

Necklace: JCrewlet | similar
Dress: Target | similar
Belt: JCrew | similar
Tights: Taiwan | similar
Shoes: Abalene, Nine West | similar

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  1. She's gorgeous!!!!! Enjoy your sweet niece! I'm sure she was impressed by your cool outfit!