October 2, 2012

Twice : Reselling Clothes the Easy Way

Aili and I have recently been doing our best to pare down our closets and get rid of anything that we haven't worn in a year or more, as well as deal with any items that need to be altered, tailored, or repaired.  Luckily, I found out about Twice through a Facebook friend (social media FTW!).  Think of Twice as the online version of your local Plato's Closet--except easier.  You let them know what you want to sell, they send you a pre-paid shipping label, and make an offer up-front on your items. They'll pay you via PayPal or a mailed check, then in turn re-sell your items; you can learn more about how it all works here.

Best, most ingenious part of this?  You'll likely ship your items through USPS's priority mail system, so you can even save a trip to the post office and schedule a pick up via usps.com.  Best thing ever.

Like Plato's Closet, Twice asks that your items be relatively recent (purchased within the last 5 years) and in good, re-salable condition; they will purchase your items from anywhere between $2 and $150+ depending on brand, condition, and style of the piece. They accept items from stores with price points ranging from Gap and American Eagle to YSL and Burberry.

Whenever I'm looking to minimize and get rid of the clothing and shoes that I no longer wear, I get the feeling that I should be re-selling them on e-Bay or even Threadflip.  As easy as these companies make it to re-sell your stuff.... let's be honest,  it's a little bit of a hassle.  You have the photograph and describe the item, price it, deal with PayPal, notoriously frugal e-Bay buyers  who love to review sellers (I would know, I'm one of 'em), find a box to ship your item, pack and tape the item, find time to go to the post office, pay for shipping, address the package just to make a few extra bucks.  lol.  Some people may enjoy doing all that, and I get that.  I really do, but for me it's just not worth it.  I'd much rather simply drop off my stuff at Goodwill... someone will even help me unload it there. :D  So Twice is the perfect option for those lazies, like me.  All that being said, you'll likely make more selling your old clothes on e-Bay and Threadflip--where you get to dictate minimum bids than you would selling at Twice.

Room for Improvement: When you have several items to inventory (we were selling 60+), you have to input every single item by noting brand and type of item (i.e. top, pants, dress, etc.).  If you have a lot of items, then that gets to be a little annoying.  As far as I know, your inventory list doesn't save either, and I think that would be a nice feature because over the course of a weekend, I kept trying to log onto Twice, but kept receiving error messages.  I know they're a new company, so I'm sure they're still working out the kinks.  Currently, Twice only carries women's clothes, but options for men and children are in the works.

Bottom line: Big fan, and I'll be using their services in the future.  If you're interested in buying or selling, feel free to sign up for Twice via our referral link, and you'll receive a $10 credit to shop with.  I'd also check out their social media sites, as they occasionally offer discounts on your purchases.  Plus, Twice also offers 24/7 customer service and free returns.

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