October 10, 2012

New City + New Photos

I spent this crisp fall day serving as photographer for my brother.

Moving to a new city is fantastic because you get to try out new restaurants and discover amazing nooks here and there. As part of my exploration, I invited my family up for a weekend in the new city to help me try some new things. Chil & Michelle had some fun with some much needed family photos. 

The Midwest, no matter where you are, is getting legit --- cold! I'm digging out the sweaters and trying to strategize on how to keep warm for the rest of the fall/winter! How's your fall going?

Fashion Fundamental: Riding Boots

Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs | shop
Shoes: BP Runway Boots, Nordstrom | shop
Jeans: Old Navy | similar
Jacket: Harbourne, Burberry | similar
Sweater: Banana Republic | similar
Earrings: Kate Spade | similar

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