August 17, 2011

What's a Cat's Favorite Color?

Purrrple.  :)

My Dad read me this joke from his Laffy Taffy wrapper. Jane-Squared's Dad is.... awesome!

I love this purple dress. Exposed zip and ... ruffles. This is a great dress for summer to fall transition. 

My closet is slowly departing from its hot hues to sweaters & plaid. I love fall and ready for a change, but will hang onto this beautiful weather as long as possible. Oh, Midwest! 

Dress: Gap, Winter 2011
Belt: Thrifted
Earrings: F21
Shoes: Nine West


  1. I love the dress. Purple's my favorite color, too! (Cats have good taste! Lol)

    -Steph from chocolate laced

  2. Cute. You look good in purple.

  3. Oh!!! I LOVE the purple and green! I really don't think I would have thought of this combo, but it is GREAT!

  4. Pretty purple dress and the green pop around the waist is perfect! That joke is very funny, especially since it came from your dad.

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  6. Ha, I originally wrote "Purple's so pretty on you." And then I realized I should have said, "Purple's so puuuuuurrrty on you..." Too bad I'm slow tonight.

  7. This dress is so pretty! and I love it with the green belt. LOVE. :)

  8. @Stephanie - thank you! Cats are silly.
    @ChristyB - thanks! :)
    @Threadsandbuttons - purple and green always of remind me of mardi gras (winning combo!)
    @Kimmie - LOL, my Dad is happy you like his joke!
    @Audrey - you crack me up... no need to write a purrfect comment.
    @kimmie - thank you!!