May 14, 2011

MBA Celebration

Awww yeah - totally had a classic graduation party! Tons of delicious food, drinks, face cake and good company.

Face Cake: An essential graduation item.

This is my lovely sister-in-law (new mom!) and buddy, Brian.

Family Portrait

I chose this simple black dress that I found last year. I bought it at full price and have worn it one other time. My friend, Sarah, always sasses me... asking why I never wear my black dress since she hasn't seen the ROI on the amount I paid and the amount times I've worn it :). Second appearance = totally worth it.

Dress: Spring 2010, Banana Republic ($198)
Belt: Spring 2011, J.Crew ($19.99, originally $39.99)
Earrings: Winter 2010, Banana Republic Outlet

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