May 7, 2013

Coach Saffiano Tote Review

Hi friends!  Hope you're all well.  I've been slammed at work, but not so busy that I couldn't pop into a Coach boutique to check out a few potential work totes.  I've heard great things about Coach's Saffiano Line (via the always trusty PurseForum) and wanted to check it out for myself; the bags come in a range of great colors, sizes, and shapes.

I was looking for a bag that is roomy enough for me to carry my bulky computer, miscellaneous computer paraphernalia, a pair of flats, snacks, water bottle, lunch, etc.; needless to say, I need a fair amount of bag capacity because I'll be toting a lot around with me, but I also want to ensure my bag is light and comfortable to carry.  I also have a marked preference for bags with a full zippered closure and practical straps that are long enough to sling over my shoulder.  With all of those must-haves on my list, I wanted to share a bag that fits the bill.

The first bag I gravitated towards is the Saffiano Large Tote ($358):  It's made of Saffiano leather (15" L x 12 1/4" H x 6 1/2" W) with a fabric lining and a zip-top and a 9.5" strap drop.  I love this cheery shade of red, too.  Saffiano leather is touted to be durable and relatively light which is perfect for my needs; check out Extra Petite for more information on Saffiano leather.

Unfortunately, a few friends mentioned that they think it looks a little bit oversized on my 5'2" frame.  I do plan on carrying quite a bit in here, and I despise having to juggle multiple bags, my cell phone, and my keys so I think it might still be an appropriate size for me.    

I failed to take photos of the interior, but it's really well-designed for my needs; there's a laptop space, multi-function pockets for tablets, cell phone, pens, etc.  All of these pockets leave the interior free for any of the other stuff I plan to carry around.  I also tried a size down in the Saffiano Medium Tote ($298), which wasn't big enough for my needs and the Saffiano North South City Tote ($298) which actually worked surprisingly well.  

My shopping buddies claim that the silhouette of this bag--sized 12 1/2" L x 13 1/4" H x 5 1/4" W with an 8.5" strap drop--is a better fit for my frame, and it did seem to fit all of the things I need to carry around -- even if it's a tighter fit than the largest size.  Even though I was pretty pleased with this option, I was a little concerned about over-stuffing the bag and thus putting undue strain on it.

Still, I left the store empty-handed, but I'll certainly keep my eye on these bags!  Coach purses are sometimes part of department stores' F&F sales, so if you're interested, I'd suggest holding out for a sale.

Outfit details here.


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  2. hmm. i really like the last one that you are modeling. i love big bags too - but i think i have a few inches on you!
    michael kors bags seem to be all the rage around here - i think he makes a saffiano line (or something like it) as does tory burch.

  3. did you happen to get a side view photo of you with the Saffiano Medium Tote as I'm petite and wondering if it'll still look too big on me. I'm 5' 1''