August 22, 2013

1966 Blue Ford

G just bought this vintage - 1966 Ford truck and took me out for a spin. This thing is big, loud and a ton of fun! Though I don't usually wear boots or cowboy hats... I'm thinking I might need to find some attire to better fit climbing in and out of the truck. 

Maybe more plaid? Well, more to come on "truck style."

For now, I'm wearing this vibrant maxi from Nordstrom. I'm totally into maxis this season, and I like that this orange piece is only half a skirt, but it's uniform the entire way around. I've seen many mullet maxis and I'm not a big fan, however, I like this style.

Are you rocking the maxi?

Dress: Nordstrom | shop
Watch: Runway Twist, Michael Kors | shop
Necklace: shop
Earrings:  Diamond Studs | shop


  1. I love maxis, too! I like the "see-through" effect in this, as you can pick up the shorter skirt underneath in pic #2. The color goes well against the blue truck, but maybe sporting boots, jean shorts, and a cowboy hat would go with the theme well, too!
    Ann @ Cairn Cottage (

  2. What an amazing color! And there is no end to my love for maxis!