April 24, 2013


Fashion Fundamental: A chic little blazer; I never used to be a big blazer gal, but I am definitely one now.  They just add so much polish and style to your look.

Last weekend, I rocked this look to my nephew's second birthday.  I can't believe he's already TWO!  In some ways, time has absolutely flown by and he's grown so quickly -- suddenly he's a walking, talking machine...  on the other hand, it's like JET's always been a part of my life; hard to even remember how life was before he (and his sister) was born!

 I hope you're all doing well this week!

Brooch: Vintage | similar
Blazer: Nordstrom | similar
Top: Express | shop or similar without the pockets here
Jeans: Gap | shop
Shoes: JCrew | similar